1. What is SB-230?

SB-230 is a polymer clear high gloss ceramic coating that chemically bonds to polished and anodized metal stopping rust and corrosion. SB-230 is a one time only application leaving your metal looking pristine for years to come. The only maintenance required after SB-230 is applied is to wash the metal with mild soap and water. All products from ShowBoat Custom Coating, Inc. come with thorough instructions on the metal preparation and SB-230 application.


2. How do I apply SB-230?

It can be applied by hand with a microfiber cloth or sprayed in a controlled environment.


3. After applying SB-230, do I need to re-apply?

No. SB-230 is a one-time application only.


4. How long does SB-230 last?

SB-230 chemically bonds to metal creating a permanent bond that will last for many years. Use NO abrasives.


5. What maintenance is required after SB-230 is applied?

The only maintenance required is to clean the metal with mild soap and water about once a month. Dry off with a microfiber cloth.


6. What is the final look of SB-230?

SB-230 is a high gloss clear finish.


7. After SB-230 is applied, when can I use my boat?

SB-230 takes about one hour to become tack-free, 24 hours to dry and 3 – 5 days to fully cure. One can use their boat 24 hours after SB-230 is applied, but a 5 day cure is optimal.


8. How much heat can SB-230 withstand?

Up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.


9. What is the difference between SB-230 and Powder Coating?

Powder Coating chips and SB-230 does not chip or peel.


10. Is SB-230 UV resistant?



11. What temperature is the best time to coat?

Any temperature is fine as long as there is no moisture on the metal or in the air. Mid morning is the best time to coat with an average temperature of 60 degrees.


12. If I have to postpone the application of SB-230 to another day, what do I do?

Denature your metal once again and wait 20 minutes. Your metal is already as clean as it is going to get. You are just removing any contaminants that may be present from the delay.


13. Can the coating be damaged?

Yes. If abrasives are used to clean the metal, the coating has a possibility of being damaged. This is why cleaning the metal with mild soap and water is strongly advised with the use of a lint free cloth. Use NO abrasives.


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